Acron trades and investments follows the philosophy of combining capital and value-based investment principles to achieve socially, environmentally and economically valuable returns. 


We are experienced, dependable, dependable for good results and we appreciate working with great clients. 

There's a simple truth: If you believe in what you do, you can achieve great things. That's why we want to help you achieve your goal.


Sustainable and responsible trades and investments had been neglected the past decades. People are nowadays more aware of responsibility towards the environment and society which evokes new principles and consequently a need for re-design old business models. Acron’s business and portfolio refer to these criteria.

Businesses without considering environmental and social impact are not long-lasting and prolific. Economies cannot grow if their essential resources – vital companies and a living environment – are treated as superficies.


We provide Food Services and Products for our clients all over the world. 


Various brands, products and businesses are developed and lead by ACRON.