Acron trades and investments follows the philosophy of combining capital and value-based investment principles to achieve socially, environmentally and economically valuable returns.

Sustainable and responsible trades and investments had been neglected the past decades. People are nowadays more aware of responsibility towards the environment and society which evokes new principles and consequently a need for re-design old business models. Acron’s business and portfolio refer to these criteria.

Businesses without considering environmental and social impact are not long-lasting and prolific. Economies cannot grow if their essential resources – vital companies and a living environment – are treated as superficies.

Acron’s business and investments make sure that the interdependence of economies, companies and the environment is understood and effectively addressed through capital markets. We proof that for  profitable economical activities,  we don’t have to offer up social and environmental prosperity.

Traditional business models and investments face an increase in innovation, technology and trends, which enables investors to consider and evaluate more investment opportunities in regards to their future success.

Acron’s business models and portfolio focusses on new developments and decide autonomously from ancient rudiments, which enables us to enter new fields and develop the presence and the future.